If you want to hold an event with us, report a bug or suggest any idea, here are some ways to contact us. Feel free to pick your favorite one.


We are on Mastodon ; you can send us a toot and we will try to answer within a reasonable time.

You can also directly contact Staff members for specific subjects if needed.


Please contact us with the email address below:

Email address

We use PGP to sign our emails cryptographically. You are advised to use the following key to verify the authenticity of our communications or to send us encrypted emails.

9FCA A9B0 0B77 49E7 (created on 16/01/2022, will expire on 15/01/2025)

If you are a 42 student, you can also contact us on 42 school's Slack.

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You may also fill the contact form below.

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