42l is still a very young association.

Its only potential financial incomes are people donating or joining the association ; it cannot survive without your help.

How to contribute ?

Participate as event organiser

As speaker

We think that the oral communication is one of the best way to reach our audience.

If you have your say about free software, Internet's ethics or digital, you can hold a conference.

If you hold it at 42 school, your audience will probably reach between 15 and 150 people and the majority will be curious geeks that may have already heard of free software.

We may be able to contact other institutions/places as well, so maybe you'll have an opportunity to present your conference at other places.

If you like to train your critical mind, we can organise a conference-debate, a roundtable meeting or any other form of activity which is susceptible to rouse public interest ; we are listening to your proposals.

As an event organiser in other situations

Any idea that can help to share libre culture values is welcome.

We are including install parties, free software contribution workshops, etc. We will evaluate your proposition's attractiveness towards your audience and if its fits with our purpose, we will try to make it happen.

To introduce yourself to us, please send us a message on this page.

Participate to connect people

In order to act out of 42 school, we have to connect with external people, to be reached by people that can invite us somewhere else.

We needs invitations from any kind of organisations (schools, public organisations, companies, ...) in order to extend our actions to those places: allow other speakers or event organisers to share their knowledge with your people as well.

If you can offer us such an opportunity, please let us know on this page.

Financial participations

You can donate or subscribe to the association 42l on this page.

Our subscriptions are not restricted to 42 school students: any person external to 42 can to subscribe to the association and get access to all of the subsciber services.

Participate in other ways

Talk about us, follow us on Mastodon, send us your opinions, comments, love letters, we'll accept everything. :)

We'll never be able to establish ourselves without your help.

For every effort you might make to help us, even for just reading those words... Thank you.