Graphical chart and credits


Our logo represents an origami-styled crane. The bird's image implies flight and freedom. In French, there is a little pun with the association name : wings's French translation is 'ailes', and it sounds like the letter 'L'. Therefore, in '42l' you may hear 'deux ailes', which means 'two wings' in English, like the two bird's wings.

42l logo


We tried to apply logo's colors on the whole website. Here is the color palette used:


Consequently, title, buttons or icons should follow this color palette.

Icons example :

CSS Framework

Our CSS Framework is Bulma. We have chosen this one for its design and its modularity. Additionally, we wished to not use any Javascript, which fits perfectly with Bulma since it doesn't need any. Bulma is under the MIT licence.

Bulma Logo

In order to design Our actions's page's timeline, we used a Bulma extension. This one is under the MIT licence too.

Used logos

Website's wallpaper is designed by Rounded Hexagon. It's under the Creative Commons Zero license. Its geometric pattern (Delaunay triangulation) is often seen at 42 school (as computers' wallpaper or on the intranet).

Website's wallpaper

404 page's tree is coming from the LibreExpo, an exposition based on free software from the April, a huge French free software association.

LibreExpo's panel: LibreExpo

404 page: 404 Page

Navbar's color has been chosen as a nod to Firefox Focus.

In the member area :

  • The Links service icon belongs to Smashicons.
  • The Schemas service icon belongs to
  • The Nitter service icon belongs to Nitter.
  • The mail service icon belongs to Those Icons.
  • The Git service icon belongs to Gitea.
  • The Nextcloud service icon belongs to Nextcloud GmbH.

Most of website's illustrations has been drawn by Brume.

Some of them contains a ginger cat. It's Carrot, an emblematic character from the Webcomic Pepper & Carrot drawn by David Revoy.


All media files or other content used in our website (which isn't already listed on this page) is credited at the bottom of the page where it is used, according to our legal notices.