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\ka.ʁɑ̃t.dø.zɛl\ - "quarante-deux z'ailes"

Student association of general interest under the French law 1901 promoting free culture and ethics.

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42l becomes La Contre-Voie!

Following our previous article, 42l changes its name and becomes La Contre-Voie!

We will publish a new version of our website very soon along with this change.

See you soon and enjoy your summer holidays :)

42l in a few words...

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Let's share our knowledge...

In order to increase awareness about the ethical considerations presented by Internet, we invite personalities of the libre culutre to share their passions, their experience and their ideas during conferences and debates.

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...in concept as in practice...

We organise workshops (contribution to libre software, install parties, etc.) with the aim of bringing practical notions to participants and sharing discoveries in a favorable athmosphere to discuss and exchange.

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...and let's decentralize Internet!

We're working for a better quality Internet in proposing libre and decentralized services to our members. We also offer free-access services.

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We are part of the CHATONS (a collective of independant, transparent, open, neutral and ethical hosters) initiated by the association Framasoft. We consequently engage ourselves to strictly respect their chart.

Nos services

Services réservés à nos adhérent·e·s
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As a very young and small association about libre culture, we can't survive without your support.

You can help us by organizing activities with us or bringing a financial contribution to the association.

We accept subscribers at the price you want, with a minimum of ten euros.

Thanks for your precious support!

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Interested into inviting us or being our guest?

Our activity is principally concentrated inside the 42 school, but we can also take action on demand in other places depending on our availabilities.

If you're interested into organising a conference or a workshop related with free culture, ethics or digital-related subjects, feel free to contact us.