Mail service

The mail service allows you to create mailboxes and alias at will on our server.

Why would I do it ?

Your email addresses are all over the Internet. Your mailboxes are filled with spam, you don't even know where they come from, which company sold your email to which shady group.

The majority of Internet users have about 2 email addresses each. Entering the same address on more than a dozen websites makes it easier to trace your activities: if several accounts have the same email address, it is easy to guess that it is the same person behind.

Let's not forget that 1.5 billion Internet users were using Gmail in 2018 and this number is increasing: the centralization of your online activity allows a single organization to have full power over everyone's digital life.

What we offer you

By tapping into the potential of emails, we have worked on setting up a mail server and an application that allows you to regain control over your emails and teach you how to protect yourself without difficulty.

All you have to do is learn how it works.

This service allows you to add and delete mailboxes and aliases according to your needs.

  • A mailbox is a space in which your emails are stored, protected by a password that only you know: just like a classic mailbox with the biggest suppliers.
  • An alias is an address that redirects your emails to mailboxes or other aliases. It's not a mailbox (you can't connect to it), but a kind of relay: if you receive an email on one of your aliases, it will automatically forward it to the address of your choice. It is not possible to know which addresses are behind the alias.

By assigning one alias per service and separating your mailboxes according to your activities, you protect your privacy and set up a solid organization of your work.

We provide you with an administration panel that is very easy to learn.

Who is it for?

The email system being complex and cumbersome to manage, we have chosen to reserve this service to our members.

It also encourages people to contribute financially and possibly to get involved in the associative life (by participating in general assemblies as a member, for example).

Terms of service

By using this service, you unconditionally accept the legal notice and the Terms Of Service of our platform.

As a member of the association, you also undertake to respect our statutes and our internal regulations.


General questions

The management of a classic mailbox looks like this:

A poor mailbox management

Your personal and professional emails are mixed up, you receive spam, you have one and the same address for all your activities...

We propose you to create aliases which allow you to relay your mails and protect your real address :

A strong mailbox management

This way no one knows your real address and you can create and delete aliases at will.

The question was raised during the January 2020 General Assembly.

The answer is yes: when your membership expires, you will retain access to the member services.

That said:

  1. If our financial needs (mainly maintainance costs) gets too important on our side, or technical limitations (especially storage) becomes a problem for us, we might think this question again during a General Assembly.
  2. If it ever happens, we will not close the door on you overnight. We will do our utmost to give you several months' notice.

We specifically intend to maintain this service as long as possible (as long as the 42l association exists and/or there are people to take care of it).

That said, nothing lasts forever. But if ever we have to close this service one day, we will warn you several months in advance, as far as possible.

We are not ruling out any possibility, but it is unlikely that this will be possible, as we would like to avoid our server being used for spamming. We also need memberships to finance the activities and maintainance costs of the association.

When several people need access to the same mailbox (common case: the contact address of an organisation or the bureau of an association), it is not advisable to give the same login and password to everyone.

There is a simple way to secure this organization. Here is an explanatory diagram:

Tips to redirect mails to multiple addresses

Service usage

Go to your Member area, log in and click on "Mail service".

A blue navigation bar should appear at the top of the page.

  • You can create, edit or delete your mailboxes in the "Manage emails" tab.
  • You can create or delete your aliases in the "Manage aliases" tab.
You have two options:
  • Use the webmail integrated to our Nextcloud service from your member space (or your own webmail if you have one)
  • Use any email software. Here are some of them, free software is written in bold :
    • For Windows : Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail
    • For Android: **K-9 Mail
    • For GNU/Linux : Thunderbird, Evolution (GNOME), KMail (KDE)
    • For Mac OS** : Thunderbird, Apple Mail
    • For iOS : Apple Mail
  • Click on "Add an existing email account" then enter your complete email address (created on your email service) and the password you entered.

    The configuration should be automatic. If it is not, you will find below the necessary information for manual configuration.

    Server /
    PasswordThe password entered on "Manage emails" (IMAP, POP and SMTP)
    Port143 (IMAP), 110 (POP), 587 (SMTP)
    Security of connectionSTARTTLS
    Authentication methodNormal password

    For advanced users, we also support SSL/TLS for IMAPS (port 993) and POP3S (port 995), but we recommend using STARTTLS.

    We also support SMTPS (port 465) for backward compatibility, but STARTTLS is not recommended. Please use STARTTLS.

    Yes, of course you can. You can create an alias that will redirect, for example, to a Gmail inbox. But since the goal is to get out of services like Gmail, this is not very recommended...

    Absolutely! You can create a mailbox from your account and give them login credentials, or create an alias on your account to their email address.

    But it would be even better if your friends and family decided to join the association, it would help us to finance our activities! So, thank you for not abusing these rights.

    There is no strict limit, but ideally, each of your mailboxes should not weigh more than 100 MB.

    If it exceeds this size, please try to clean it up, retrieve your mails on your computer, empty your trash... Or create another mailbox.

    If the size of your mailbox becomes too large, we will contact you by email to ask you to clean it.

    By default, we offer 5 mailboxes and 60 aliases.

    But if you need more mailboxes or aliases, you can contact us via our contact page and we will increase these limits for free. Remember to specify your nickname in your email.

    We do not keep any copies of your data once deleted, except for those stored in our regular backups which are deleted after a certain period of time.

    We may be able to retrieve some of your emails from our backups (contact us), but please don't make such a mistake.