Mail service

The mail service allows you to create mailboxes and alias at will on our server.

Why would I do it ?

Your email addresses are all over the Internet. Your mailboxes are filled with spam, you don't even know where they come from, which company sold your email to which shady group.

The majority of Internet users have about 2 email addresses each. Entering the same address on more than a dozen websites makes it easier to trace your activities: if several accounts have the same email address, it is easy to guess that it is the same person behind.

Let's not forget that 1.5 billion Internet users were using Gmail in 2018 and this number is increasing: the centralization of your online activity allows a single organization to have full power over everyone's digital life.

A poor management of your mailboxes

What we offer you

By tapping into the potential of emails, we have worked on setting up a mail server and an application that allows you to regain control over your emails and teach you how to protect yourself without difficulty.

All you have to do is learn how it works.

This service allows you to add and delete mailboxes and aliases according to your needs.

  • A mailbox is a space in which your emails are stored, protected by a password that only you know: just like a classic mailbox with the biggest suppliers.
  • An alias is an address that redirects your emails to mailboxes or other aliases. It's not a mailbox (you can't connect to it), but a kind of relay: if you receive an email on one of your aliases, it will automatically forward it to the address of your choice. It is not possible to know which addresses are behind the alias.

With these two tools, you can easily protect yourself and organize your emails with ease. Example in pictures :

A good management of your mailboxes

By assigning one alias per service and separating your mailboxes according to your activities, you protect your privacy and set up a solid organization of your work.

We provide you with an administration panel that is very easy to learn.

Here is the email management interface:

Email management

As well as the alias management interface:

Alias management

Who is it for?

The email system being complex and cumbersome to manage, we have chosen to reserve this service to our members.

It also encourages people to contribute financially and possibly to get involved in the associative life (by participating in general assemblies as a member, for example).

If you are looking for free email services, we invite you to search for CHATONS who offer these services; we recommend you in particular the service from our colleagues at Elukerio.

Terms of service

By using this service, you unconditionally accept the legal notice and the Terms Of Service of our platform.

As a member of the association, you also undertake to respect our statutes and our internal regulations.


When my membership expires, I will no longer be able to use the email service without contributing again?

Knowing that the service has just been launched, we do not have clear positions at the moment on the use of the mail service by former members.

This will depend on our financial resources because unfortunately, they are crucial to make the association work. If we have a sufficient reserve fund, we will ensure that anyone who joins once has access rights to the service indefinitely, without having to renew their membership.

These subjects will of course be the subject of a general meeting so that we can find the best solutions together.

EDIT September 2019: Answering the question : probably not, but it will be made clear during the next general assembly in January 2020.

How long do you plan to maintain this service?

It is difficult to commit to a very long period of time, but we intend to specifically maintain this service as long as possible (as long as the 42l association exists and/or there are people to take care of it).

In any case, if this service has to close one day, it will not happen overnight and we will communicate about it.

Do you plan to open your service to non-members one day?

We do not exclude any possibility, but because of the problems of blacklisting small servers by the largest providers, we would like to avoid any form of spam as much as possible; not to mention that we need memberships to finance the association's activities.