Our actions

In the long run, the association plans to:

  • Demystify free software and free culture overall and raise awareness about the implications of using proprietary software (in particular for 42 school students). This means to plan and coordinate conferences hold by talented and enthusiastic speakers.
  • Offer alternative services, self-hosted, free and respectful towards privacy. Services would be various : link shortener, blogs hosting platform, pads, forms, dates... We plan to also implement a mail service !
  • Join the CHATONS, a collective of independant, transparent, open, neutral and ethical hosters providing FLOSS-based online services. This collective has born on the initiative of the Framasoft association, whose main goals is to decentralize Internet, protect individuals' privacy and offer libre services. Consequently, we engage us to strictly respect their chart.
  • Planify workshops at 42 (debates, install parties, libre software contribution workshops...) and attend to various conventions or any other gathering around libre culture in order to represent the association and its ideas.

To be continued...