Our friends

This page lists the organizations that shares our values and with which we forged ties or exchanged some words.

The purpose is to share a list of organizations having similar goals to ours with people that are discovering the free software world ; this is also a way for us to thank them to exist, giving them a little more visibility.


  • This page isn't a directory : we can't list everyone. We only give some tracks here.
  • The below organizations aren't partnered or affiliated with us ; we aren't acting on their behalf and vice versa. They doesn't necessarily approve our activities and vice versa.
  • We reserve the right to include or exclude anyone from this list.
  • The logos and organizations names are the property of the respective organizations.
  • If you spot an error or an inaccurate statement, please contact us through Mastodon or our contact page.

CHATONS member The organizations with an orange icon next to their name are CHATONS members.

Special thanks

We list here all the organizations we especially would like to thank.


French non-profit organization offering hosting solutions ; graciously hosts 42l's servers since July 2019.

Financial contributors

We list here all the organizations that donated more than 100 euros to the association.

Code Lutin

Code Lutin
Member of the Libre Entreprise network, Code Lutin gathers computer science professionals and contributes to free software projects, notably through sponsorships. Code Lutin chose to financially support 42l by donating 600 euros during their 2020 sponsorship.

Junior 42 Paris

Junior 42 Paris
Member of the Junior Entreprises network, Junior 42 Paris is a student association whose goal is to offer paid missions to 42 students.

Our acquaintances

This category lists some of the organizations which acts in the free software movement which we got in touch with. They can represent business contacts, road partners, acquintances, close friends... We obviously can't list everyone.


JabberFR CHATONS member
Non-profit organization maintaining the French-speaking community website of Jabber users.

Libre gatherings

We're listing here the libre software gatherings we went as guests, visitors, volunteer or speakers, on behalf of the association or in our personal capacity.


FOSDEM @fosdem@fosstodon.org
"Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting" : non-commercial, volunteer-organized European event centered on free and open-source software development.