Conference on Haiku, a libre operating system

ūüēí 2 year(s) ago

Dear all,

We are happy to announce our two upcoming events!

Conference: Haiku, a free/libre operating system

Banniere de la conférence

The 42l association has invited PulkoMandy (Adrien Destugues) to 42 in order to introduce Haiku. Haiku is a libre OS for personal computers. It is not a GNU/Linux distribution, for Haiku uses its own kernel as well as its own graphic interface.

The project's purpose is to provide a system that is simple to use, performs well and is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

The project has been developed for almost 20 years, and therefore takes up many challenges : maintenance of a rather large code base, obsolescence of the used tools, evolution of the system's hardware, etc.

PulkoMandy will present the project history, the way work is organised with contributors all around the world who are working mostly on their free time on top of a paid job. He will also mention the difficulties encountered, the way the project is being funded and promoted, and the objectives and next steps of development.

The conference will be held at 42 Paris on Tuesday, February 11 at 2pm and will last one hour.

Find the recording of the talk on our PeerTube channel.

Slides available here

Attend the conference as a non 42 student

Not a 42 student ? No worries, you can still attend the conference. Please follow these instructions:

  • you must notify us of your attendance (via Mastodon or mail);
  • you must subscribe or unsubscribe at least 12 hours prior to the conference beginning;
  • you must be in front of 42 at least 15 minutes prior to the event start.

A maximum of 10 external visitors can join us.

The conference should be recorded : if so, it will be uploaded a few weeks after the event on our PeerTube channel under a free licence.

Workshop : Team-working using Git

Banniere de l'atelier

As a follow up to his conference, PulkoMandy (Adrien Destugues) offers you a 2.5 hours workshop addressing the usage of Git, in the name of the company that employs him, Viveris.

Git is a source code management tool. Developed with the needs of the Linux kernel developers in mind, it is meant to be used by a large amount of users in a decentralised way.

Gerrit is a Git-based code review tool developed for the Android project. It makes it possible to manage a large amount of patches as well as source code review in a collaborative and asynchronous way.

In this workshop you will see, while using Haiku as an example project, how to use Git and Gerrit to submit and review changes in a project source code.

We will address working with multiple branches in Git, the way to submit a change for review in Gerrit and to take into account the comments of the reviewers, as well as the best practices to follow in order to maintain a clean and easy to use Git repository.

In order to take part in the workshop, please bring your own computer and install VirtualBox.

The number of seats available is very limited, therefore the workshop is exclusively open to 42 students. It will be held on Tuesday, February 11, from 3:30pm to 6:00pm (in Valhalla).

Workshop slides available here

See you soon,


English translation by Steven, Pohl and Mina