General Assembly of January 2021

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Hello everyone!

This January 25, 2021, 42l celebrates its two years!

This Thursday, January 21st, we held our annual General Assembly by videoconference, with 15 participants.

This second year, quite chaotic for everyone, was rather well lived by 42l, thanks to your generosity.

We especially thank the company Code Lutin and the association CPP42 for their generous donations which allowed us to stay afloat!

Here is an article to summarize the decisions we took during this GA.

Key elements

General presentation

With this presentation, we have drawn up a moral assessment of the 42l activity in 2020: 42 members, many source codes published, a few events and the beginning of a transition to videoconferencing to adapt to the health crisis. Service maintenance also represents a significant part of the time spent on the infrastructure.

A financial balance sheet has been drawn up. 42l recorded a surplus of 839 euros, an amount that exceeds all our expectations this year.

There are however some points of vigilance, exactly the same as last year: the time-consuming aspect of the association, the lack of support (2 people do 90% of the work), some difficulties with the school (but above all, with the confinement!) and finally the need to solidify the structure of the server: backup, redundancy, monitoring.

And finally, in spite of the numerous source codes published this year, the code of our web platform is still not free, because we didn't have the time to take care of it seriously: it is necessary to rewrite many components, it requires a lot of time and energy that we couldn't mobilize this year.

The provisional budget for the year 2021, approved at the General Assembly, amounts to 1800 euros:

  • 650 euros for the printing of 100 T-shirts, if it is possible for us to organize stands again by the end of the year ;
  • 300 euros for communication costs (goodies, stickers, business cards, flyers...) ;
  • 200 euros for travel expenses, to cover the travel expenses of our members and our external speakers;
  • 170 euros of fixed operating costs (bank, insurance);
  • 400 euros for technical expenses (renewal of our three domain names and all expenses related to the servers and technical infrastructure of the association) ;
  • 80 euros for consumables and administrative supplies.

More information can be found in the minutes and slides above.

The General Assembly then debated on the topics on its agenda. Below is a summary of the notable decisions that were taken:

Uses of vouchers - JDLL 2020 trip

We had prepared an organized outing to the JDLL 2020 for 8 students, which had to be cancelled at the last minute because of the lockdown.

Unfortunately, after long email exchanges, the transport and hotel companies only gave us vouchers for a future trip.

So we end up with these vouchers on our backs:

  • 210 euros of vouchers for the bus, which will expire on March 31, 2021 ;
  • 433 euros of vouchers for the hotel, which will expire on June 31, 2021.

We thought together about how to spend these vouchers in 2021, but the discussion, which was inconclusive, has been put on hold and will be discussed later.

Memberships and service renewals

The amounts for membership in the association remain the same as the previous year.

As the association is not in financial difficulty, access to services is always maintained for those whose membership fee has expired.

Donations to other structures

The Board has suggested the possibility of donating part of the association's assets to other structures that pursue the same objectives of 42l.

It was decided to wait until June before considering this possibility in order to ensure that the association's cash flow could cover the losses related to the health crisis.

Financing of our current server

When we contacted our hosting provider, Proxgroup, a year and a half ago, we presented ourselves as a student association with limited means. Proxgroup agreed to generously offer us free hosting.

We now have the means to cover these hosting costs and would like to inform Proxgroup of this.

42l secondary server with Rhizome

The implementation of the 42l secondary server, initially planned in March but delayed due to the lockdown, is still pending.

It has been decided to acquire an additional VPS server from another hosting provider for the time being, in order to set up in the short term vital services for the current needs of the association, namely a monitoring system, automated backups, an online collaborative office suite and, if possible, redundancy.

Highlighting of external events

Given the health situation which offers new possibilities for videoconference interventions, it was suggested to promote in the school external events, by videoconference, which are not organized by 42l but have similar goals.

Election of the Board of Directors and Officers

The Administration Council is responsible for acting as a link between the Bureau and the members. It advises the Bureau on decisions to be taken. It is not necessarily involved in the regular activities of the association, but it is required to respond within a reasonable time when requested to do so and each member may leave the Council upon simple notification.

Six persons have applied to be members of the Board of Directors : Alex, Brume, Doc, Mina, Neil and N2r. A seventh person is also likely to join the team shortly.

They were elected unanimously.

The election of the Bureau, voted by the members of the Board of Directors, was then held. The Bureau of the previous year was again renewed for the coming year. It is composed of :

  • Neil, president;
  • Brume, treasurer.

In conclusion

We hope that we will be able to organize more events than last year!

Thank you to all the participants for taking part in the decisions, and thank you to the readers for following us again.

Special thanks to Doc, secretary of the meeting, for writing the minutes of the GA.

See you soon,

~ N&B