General Assembly of January 2022

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Hello everyone,

At the beginning of this year, 42l celebrates its third anniversary.

On Saturday, January 29, 42l held its annual General Assembly in a mixed format, at the 42 school and in a Jitsi room for participants in remote. We counted a total of nine participants.

Key elements

Financial point

The results of the balance sheet for the year 2021 were presented to the General Assembly.

Last year, 42l spent much less than expected, the budget dedicated to the purchase of goodies and communication tools (stickers...) not having been used. The balance sheet is positive and encouraging for the continuation of the adventure.

For 2022, 42l has established a provisional budget of 2 100 euros. You can read about the distribution of this budget in the slides of the meeting.

What will become of our student association?

This is the question that has been on our minds for the last few months, as the members of the Administration Council are finishing their studies at 42 for the most part, and volunteers who wish to get involved in the organization of events remains hard to find despite the resumption of associative activities.

It was also a time to take stock of the call for contributions that we organized in November 2021.

Should we prepare a takeover of the association by other people? How will 42l evolve?

The participants of the General Assembly were invited to answer the following question: How do you see 42l in 5 years?

Discover the answers in our transcript.

Hosting the association's servers

This issue, which will never be resolved, has also been the focus of discussions in our internal channels in recent weeks.

Until recently, we were thinking of turning to the association's ISP Rhizome, which managed to offer hosting despite the pandemic.

After many experiments and reflections on this subject, we had to reconsider this option. There are several reasons for this decision.

On the one hand, the hardware we wanted to host has disproportionate capacities compared to the use we have of our current resources: 48 GB against 4 GB of RAM, 3 TB of disk space against 40 GB...).

By using the full potential of this machine, we would have become dependent on it and currently, we are not ready to assume the technical maintenance (and in particular the hardware maintenance) that follows.

On the other hand, in order not to become dependent on this hardware, we have tested solutions that would allow us to redundant our infrastructure and to ensure a high availability of our services.

We have tested Kubernetes and its derived solutions, distributed file systems... After several experiments, we concluded that these tools are not at all adapted to the size of our infrastructure: we are on a totally different scale, much too small to think of implementing them.

So we're going to stay with our current host, PulseHeberg (formerly Proxgroup, which has closed), and rent a more powerful VPS to host new services. We will separate storage and request processing on two separate machines, connected with the Wireguard protocol. This migration will be done service by service and will start in the next few days.

Election of the Administration Council and the Bureau

The Administration Council of 42l, which coordinates the actions of the association and defines its guidelines, has been renewed this year.

Our members who joined our Council the previous year have all chosen to volunteer for a new mandate. Two people have joined us: Aldec and htsr. We welcome them among us :)

Out of these ten people who compose our Administration Council, we elected the following Bureau:

  • Neil, president ;
  • Brume, treasurer ;
  • Alex, secretary.

Alex, who has already participated in the writing of 42l newsletters, volunteered to become the first secretary of 42l after three years of existence.

See you soon,

Neil & Alex