It’s our turn to give!

🕒 6 month(s) ago

Hello everyone!

We shared with you in our October article that we have set ourselves the goal of contributing financially to other structures or people we wish to support, each year.

As a reminder, we had set ourselves an amount of 15% to 20% of our annual surplus from the previous year's accounting period, which for this year is an amount between 125€ and 167€.

At the end of this year, after collection and analysis of the structures and people we would like to support, we have chosen to give 140€ divided as follows:

  • 70€ for the association Kidideux which ensures the development of the associative software Garradin that we use at 42l to support us in our accounting
  • 70€ for the association (and CHATONS) TeDomum which hosts a PeerTube instance on which we publish the videos of the conferences we organize

Thanks to these 2 associations for the services and tools they provide to the community!

And thank you to all the other associations/stuctures and people, close or less close, who participate to make this world better!

We wish a very nice end of year to all of you,

axpio for 42l