Meeting with Alexis Kauffmann

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Hi everyone,

We invite Alexis Kauffmann, founder of the Framasoft nonprofit, to 42.

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Description of the conference

GAFAMs now have an omnipresent place in our digital lives, and the health crisis has not helped. Yet we know, scandal after scandal, the exploitation that is made of our data. YouTube, Instagram, Minecraft and even GitHub, poof, swallowed overnight with billions of dollars! Their power questions and worries... and yet: we are a majority to use them.

  • Is it desirable to get out of the matrix?
  • Is it still possible to get out of the matrix, and how?
  • And what about the students of 42 in all this?

An exceptional meeting with Alexis Kauffmann, founder of Framasoft, math and information teacher and today project manager for free software and educational resources at the French Ministry of Education.

The exchange will be organized by Claire, 42l member, and will take place on December 8 at 4pm in the 42 amphitheater (the Holodeck).

Attend the conference as an outsider

You are not a 42 student and would like to attend the conference? This is not a problem, just follow these instructions:

  • you must notify us of your attendance (via Mastodon or email for now);
  • you must notify at least 12 hours before the event ;
  • you must be present in front of the school at least 15 minutes before the event starts.

We can accommodate a maximum of 10 people from the outside.

Please note: we are obliged to ask for your health pass (passe sanitaire) to access the event. This decision is imposed on us by 42.

You will be able to find this conference one week later on our PeerTube channel, if our speaker agrees to broadcast the video of his intervention.

See you soon,