PeerTube, Matrix, Downtime, CDL and Ubuntu Party feedbacks

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Here are some updates on our activities.

PeerTube account

You may have already noticed it, but a new icon has appeared in the navigation bar: PeerTube's icon.

We will use it to broadcast the conferences we organize at the 42 school and outside on behalf of the association.

We would like to thank in particular the CHATONS TeDomum for providing us with free storage to host the videos.

Since PeerTube is federated using the ActivityPub protocol, you can "subscribe" to our PeerTube channel using your Mastodon account (or any other Fediverse software).

The Capitole du Libre and the Ubuntu Party

A few members of the 42l team (Neil and Brume) went to the Capitole du Libre to hold a booth as well as two conferences :

Other members of the 42l team (François, Doc, Fabien, Fabien, March and Benjamin) went to the Ubuntu Party to hold a booth at the same time.

We all had a great time in the heart of these two free communities.

Thanks to our volunteers for making our participation possible!

Changing the world, one ego at a time

We broadcast the conference "Changing the world, one ego at a time" (in French), held by Pouhiou at the French meeting "Pas Sage en Seine" 2019, in the 42 school's auditorium.

The diffusion brought together about twenty people, including people foreign to the libre software community, and we received a large majority of positive feedback.

Matrix Server

We have set up a Matrix instance with the following components:

  • The server, Synapse
  • The client, Riot
  • A TURN/STUN server (coturn)
  • An ID server (ma1sd)
  • A bridge (matterbridge)

For performance and disk space reasons (among others), this instance will not be open to registrations for people from outside the school.

The instance was set up to meet the needs of the school's student associations and is available at

It is however federated with the Matrix ecosystem, so it is possible to contact students from any other Matrix instance.


We endured a breakdown of our VPS on the 28th of November. This led to an interruption of our platform and all our services between 12:25pm and 8:25pm (UTC+1).

This failure was at our hoster's level, Proxgroup. We quickly contacted them and they promptly started to investigate.

However the incident was bad enough to affect the whole node on which our VPS is hosted.

More information on their status' platform.

A second breakdown occurred on the 2nd of December between 12:05pm and 3:46pm (UTC+1) with the same consequences.

Here again this failure seems to come from a network issue on Proxgroup's side. But they didn't give us any explanation when contacted.

This incident reminded us that developing a redundant solution for our services might prevent this kind of situation. However, no data have been lost during the breakdowns.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

What are the December forecasts ?

We will be at the Paris Open Source Summit on the 10th and 11th of December.

We will also hold a "Repas du Libre", a meal at the 42 school to chat with the interested students about free software.

Due to some delays in our voluntary tasks, we won't be able to organise other events at the 42 school. Those tasks include :

  • The release of the videos of our November's speakers
  • The release of our designs for our derived products such as our tee-shirts
  • The reinforcement of our infrastructure and the maintenance of our services
  • Planning our January conferences and workshops (starting today)
  • The full review of our associative status
  • The organisation of the annual General Assembly (which would probably also be an ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly) in January...

We have also some minor planning issues with the school's staff. A meeting with all the school's associations to discuss potential solutions has been held recently and things might improve over time.

We will potentially have to move forward in our school curriculum, one day.

We are still missing some volunteers to help us in our work.

This situation should improve itself with time, meanwhile we must slow down our rythm a little.

See you soon,


English translation by axpio and Pohl.